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Every day we cook daily menu.

NEW: Every evening we prepare special offer of beef and pork steaks for you and many other goodies…

Best with beer

Pickled Camembert 1 pc
na trhaných salátových listech sypaný čerstvou feferonkou
CZK 75
Toasted Camembert with cranberries 1 pc
herb toast
CZK 85
Home jelly from pork knuckles 100 g
onion, vinegar
CZK 55
Crisp bacon chips 200 g
spicy plum sauce, herb toast
CZK 85
Pickled sausage 1 ks CZK 48
Onion rings
fried in beer batter – excellent with some of the cold sauces
CZK 75
Homemade potatoes chips
CZK 60


Mixed beef tartar 150 g
with shallots and mustard, fried bread
CZK 198
Homemade potato dumplings
with sheep cheese and bacon
CZK 128
Fried cheese 100 g
homemade fries, tartar sauce
CZK 148
Chicken breast
baked in bacon stuffed with goat cheese roasted chickpeas withtomatoes and arugula on a red beets with onions roasted in honey dressing with balsamic vinegar
CZK 188
Chickpeas salad with goat cheese
and dried tomatoes, coriander, vinnegar, honey, nuts and red onion
CZK 158
Pork ribs 600 g
roasted in caramel onion, 2 sauces of your choice
CZK 188
Chicken wings 9 pcs
2 sauces of your choice
CZK 168
Board for two – „really for two”
pork ribs (400 g), barbecue steak of the day (150 g), chicken wings (12 pcs), 2 sauces
CZK 398
Beef burger Hells Bells
beef chuck roll, jalapeňos, bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce, plum
sauce, cheddar cheese, homemade fries, mayonnaise
CZK 188


Pancake with pears in caramel
and vanilla cream
CZK 59

Cold sauces

Chive with sour cream
Spicy plum sauce
Garlic dressing
Chilli sauce
Ketchup, tatar sauce
CZK 25
CZK 25
CZK 25
CZK 25
CZK 15

Last orders to kitchen:
From Monday to Thusday and on Saturday at 10:30 p.m.,
on Friday at 11:30 p.m.,
and on Sunday at 9:30 p.m..